Rebecca Henry

Rebecca Henry puts her shoes on different from me, this I know

And when she’s angry Rebecca Henry she grits her teeth to let it show

Rebecca Henry walks on the holy water that you drown in every day

She smells like cigarettes, she’s never having kids

She doesn’t know her maker’s name

I wanna know who made her

‘Cause she’s got a Walden pond hidden around somewhere

I’m gonna find it and make a little sense

Ask her what is time, she says you are and so am I

But I, I have to admit

Rebecca Henry doesn’t see me, so I don’t exist

Rebecca Henry sells her paintings to her parents and their friends

But if I had money, if I had eyes to see, she’d have my currency instead

Rebecca Henry got for herself a degree

And now she knows the truth, I can’t help but believe

If I have limbs to reach and she has lungs to breathe

There are mouths to kiss like the sand and the sea

© Della Croce