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Sean della croce




It all started when...

Schooled at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts and a graduate of Belmont University, singer-songwriter Sean Della Croce has written and recorded music for over a decade. Born in Nashville to parents who are prominent figures in the city’s teeming music industry, Della Croce grew up around such notables as Vince Gill, Martina McBride, Ralph Stanley, and LeAnn Rimes. Such familiarity enabled her to absorb a wide-range of song craft and musical styles without being swept up by the larger-than-life personalities. Her philosophy degree informs the lyrical quality and content of her songs. Ranging from narrative structures to high arching conceptual lyrics, her storytelling is accessible while retaining depth.


Della Croce’s first EP was released as a high school senior and is titled On The Line.  She is currently in the midst of recording a new project set for release in 2018.  She is also an editor and co-founder of Broadside, a Nashville-based publication addressing women’s issues and experiences through the lens of narrative feminism.